Electric Bass Secrets is a new website projects created by Jerzy Drozd. Electric Bass Secrets pretend to help and unify a worldwide public regarding the whole art of bass building. 
Every luthier and collaborator who joined this project, knows that finding all information about bass building is not easy task, specially for new unexperienced buidiers. unify all information to help you in your own dream of building your own electric bass, whenever you are hobbist, bass player, new bass buildier or experienced bass buildier Electric Bass Secrets allow you to join bass maker community worldwide. Here you will be able to learn, share and help other Electric Bass Secrets members about all bass building secrets. is for any kind of bass buildier, whenever you want build an electric bass guitar of any kind, acoustic bass guitar, upright, babybass , ERB bass or any kind of instruments which reproduce low note registers and more, this place pretend to help you with all tasks involved in these processes and strategies from designing, building, finishing and final setup stage.

Thank You for joining us and your support of Electric Bass Secrets project.
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