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Thanks for your interest in helping us market Bass Guitar Designer´s Toolkit (BGDT™) – the unique program and system which will teach you how to design your own bass guitar – as part of our Affiliate Team! We look forward to working with you, and doing everything we can to help you earn money!


General BGDT™ Affiliate Program Highlights

  • Commissions of 20% - that's average 13.40 Euros or average $18 per each sale at this point!
  • Performance-based commission - you can get up to 50% per sale depending on quantity of BGDT™ sold!
  • You do not need to worry for anything - we ship DVD right to the client.
  • Free to join our in-house program (iDevAffiliate Software industry standard for affiliate programs)
  • Our cookie never expires - no matter if your customer buys today or 10 years from now, you will still get your commission
  • €15.00 EUR Bonus just for signing-up!
  • Very low return rate - now just 0.833%!!!!!!  For every 100 DVD´s sold, only 0,833 of DVD is returned :-))))
  • Good conversion rate. Average 1-in-every-19 visitors buys BGDT (data from period of  January 2011)
  • A variety of links, banners, graphics, and videos for your promotions will be available to you soon
  • You can place these links or banners on as many pages of your site as you want
  • Auto-responders available to notify you when you make a sale
  • Cutting-edge online management tools, including real-time commission reports accesible to affiliate members at any time
  • Dedicated affiliate management from our knowledgeable team to answer all your questions


Elite BGDT™ Affiliate Program Highlights

Additionaly we offer these special conditions for selected online publications, magazines, stores and forums.

These condition must be approved on individual basis.

In addition to above conditions ELITE AFFILIATES get these.
  • Commissions of 50% - that's average 33.50 Euros or average $45 per each sale at this point!
  • NO Performance-based commission -you always get best 50% per sale!
  • Exclusive banners available upon request
  • You can place these links or banners on as many pages of your site as you want




A Note From Jerzy

Feel free to email me or, better still, go ahead and sign-up here first, then get in touch with me so I can help you set up your program.

I’m looking forward to working with you all.




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