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Bass Guitar Designer´s Toolkit™ Content


icon 01-START HERE (71.51 kB)

02-Welcome to BGDT™ VIDEO

qt_icon 02-Welcome to BGDT.mp4 (35.68 MB)

03-Overview of BGDT™ VIDEO

qt_icon 03-Overview of BGDT.mp4 (133.04 MB)

04-The Workbook

icon 04-The Workbook (10.89 MB)

05-Fast Reference Guide

icon 05-Fast Reference Guide (169.99 kB)

06-CAD Software VIDEO Tutorials

First of all you need to choose one CAD software to start with BGDT™

qt_icon 06a-Choosing CAD software and getting one of them for FREE.mp4 (73.12 MB)
qt_icon 06b-Basic setup of CAD software part1.mp4 (30.89 MB)
qt_icon 06c-Basic setup of Cad software part2.mp4 (59.2 MB)

07-Design VIDEO Tutorials

Step by step systemized and easy bass design process!

qt_icon 07-00 Defining your project.mp4 (20.22 MB)
qt_icon 07-01 Choosing the scale.mp4 (24.61 MB)
qt_icon 07-02 Choosing the body shape.mp4 (45.76 MB)
qt_icon 07-03 Choosing the nut.mp4 (43.3 MB)
qt_icon 07-04 Choosing the headstock.mp4 (45.76 MB)
qt_icon 07-05 Choosing the bridge.mp4 (46.89 MB)
qt_icon 07-06 Strings and Neck.mp4 (92.41 MB)
qt_icon 07-07 Choosing the pickups.mp4 (28.96 MB)
qt_icon 07-08 Placing controls.mp4 (21.08 MB)
qt_icon 07-09 Stylizing Your Design.mp4 (27.54 MB)
qt_icon 07-10 Making bulding plans part1.mp4 (60.02 MB)
qt_icon 07-11 Making bulding plans part2.mp4 (64.97 MB)
qt_icon 07-12 Whats Next.mp4 (13.64 MB)

08-Bass Guitar Parts Library. All dxf, pdf and 3dm files inside!

Here you will find all necessary bass guitar parts you will use in your bass guitar project

icon 08-Imperial units (66.03 MB)
icon 08-Metric units (69.98 MB)

09-B-Calc™ Software and Video Tutorials

This is very easy but very useful software for calculation of your bass guitar nut dimensions.

qt_icon 09-01-How to install B-Calc.mp4 (26.59 MB)
qt_icon 09-02-How to use B-Calc.mp4 (40.51 MB)

icon 09-03 B-Calc for (25.99 MB)
icon 09-03 B-Calc for (19.84 MB)

10-Extra Stuff

The extra content will be available soon

11-Client Support

icon 11-Client Support.pdf (85.19 kB)

12-Money Back Guarantee

icon 12-Money Back Guarantee.pdf (182.79 kB)


icon 13-Testimonials.pdf (104.78 kB)

14-Become Affiliate

icon 14-Become Affiliate.pdf (86.16 kB)

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